Is Your Career in Your Destiny

Image By Dave Gough
Image By Dave Gough

It is that point of year. When children head back to school, college campuses return to life, and pupils everywhere start to question… “What am I will be when I grow up?” As kids, we’re instructed that at some stage we’ll need to finish our instruction and then procure rewarding employment which pays a salary, that’ll subsequently enable us to buy the vehicle, pay the rent, purchase food, clothing, as well as the latest and greatest electronic equipment.

Does all this sound computing and cold? For way too many it’s. Someplace down through the ages we’ve lost something really heavy and religious about ourselves. I am not implying that we shouldn’t have autos, houses, clothing and electronic equipment. On the contrary, our modern world is set up so that these are requirements for regular day to day living.

The link that is missing is what we do daily in our jobs we make the cash which permits US to function in everyday ordinary society. When high school pupils are speaking to recruiters the very first thing they would like to understand is: “How much cash will I make after I graduate?” An issue that is valid should it be the first issue? As it’s very likely whatever profession you go into after college, or even high school, will be your profession for the majority of your own life.

You need to ask yourself these important questions before choosing a career path:

  • Would you like to wake up every day dreading your occupation?
  • Do you need to live daily waiting for your shift to be over so that you can leave for the weekend or only?
  • Would you like to eventually become jaded and get rid of your passion for living?

The solutions to the above should all be “Of course not, none of us do.”¬†How can we prevent this and how can we help our children and grandchildren prevent it? By locating a profession that feeds our spirit. All of us come into this world with a divine destiny; daily to share ourselves with all the world, a God given ability or gift that we’ll induce us to be of service to others and feel inspired. The trick is figuring out what gift or that ability is.

And it’s not too late to alter your profession. There are a lot of people that have reinvented themselves in their forties, fifties or their sixties. As stated earlier, if you’re fighting with a career path, ask yourself “When you were a kid, what did you need to be when you grew up?” And yes, it is a valid question. The little boy that needed to be a superhero may well turn out to be policeman or a fireman or even work in rescue and search. The little girl that dreamt about faraway lands and read on a regular basis would most likely be quite happy as writer or a librarian. The hints are there, you have to follow the trail till you locate the solution.

And in the event you need to have help, consider a profession reading that is psychic. Our talented counselors can allow you to direct you and tap into your inner child as well as your nearest and dearest to your divine destiny.